Loan for Women

The past fifty years have seen enormous strides in workplace rights for women. But despite our advancements, women are still drastically underrepresented in the world of business, especially at an executive level. Women looking to start a business may find it difficult to obtain capital from traditional lenders. These lenders often require extensive credit histories, along with collateral, prior to financing small businesses. This can be especially risky if it means you have to put your family’s home down as a guarantee against your loan. Applying with traditional lenders can also be an extremely tedious process. Applying for a line of credit in a bank can take weeks and require documentation that may not be available to you, especially if your business is young.

What’s the Process?

We pride ourselves on helping women all across the nation access affordable finance for their small businesses. We encourage businesswomen by providing them capital they can use for a wide array of different costs associated with being in business. We’ve made applying for finance easy by streamlining the process through our online portal. Instead of applying in person, you can use our fully automated system to apply for finance of up to $150,000. We don’t require extensive and unnecessary documentation from you in order to assess your eligibility for a loan. Instead, we look at revenue documentation, which takes away the headache from applying for business related finance.

Women are able to access any of our available finance options, the small business loan for women was made with the specific intention of standing by our commitment to women entrepreneurs. We’re currently one of the only online lenders that offers finance specifically for women in business.

Why Us?

We’re a premium online lender that has reputation for excellence amongst our customer base. We are able to provide large amounts of capital to clients at extremely short notice. In addition, we provide a wide array of financial tools for customers, which means we can help any business regardless of its current life cycle. We understand what it means to be a small business, and how hard it can be to meet short term payment commitments — and that’s why we’ve made our application process quick and pain free.

How Can a Loan Help My Business?

Business loans for women can be used for any business related expenses your company may have. The way you use your funds within your business is completely at your own discretion. Most of our clients use their capital in the following ways:

  • Renting or purchasing additional office space
  • Paying up front for additional marketing and advertising
  • Investing in training employees to enhance staff skill set
  • Purchasing or renting technology/software that will enhance efficiency
  • Purchasing other small businesses
  • Covering seasonal expenses or gaps in revenue
  • Taking advantage of short term opportunities

The opportunities are endless! Don’t wait until it’s too late to start or expand your business, apply for one of our small business loans for women today! A gap in cash flow can result in missed opportunities!

Loan for Women