Medical Loan

The medical industry has become increasingly difficult to navigate. Reductions in reimbursements from insurers and government programs have made the cost of operating much higher for independent doctors in the United States. In addition, hospital buyouts have been a contributing factor in preventing physicians from serving their communities. Many medical professionals have had to shut their doors in the past few years. Are you a doctor or dentist? We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

What Access Do Healthcare Officials Have to Capital?

Various healthcare professionals have been turning to business loans in order to help finance their medical ventures. In fact, since 2000, loans to physicians within the United States have increased by more than 1000%. Entering the healthcare industry is an expensive endeavor, its very likely you’ll need to access some form of financing in order to start or sustain your practice. We’re happy to provide countless doctors, dentists, and chiropractors with finance for their business needs.

How Can Additional Capital Help Medical Professionals?

If you’ve been in the medical industry for a while you probably already know a few of the answers to this question! With additional capital available you will have the financial capability to sustain or grow your business. Having additional cash on hand can help individuals capitalize on opportunities at short notice. What you do with you small business loan is entirely at your discretion, but most of our current medical clients use their finance for some of the following reasons:

  • Expanding the scope of your current practice
  • Investing in additional technology and equipment
  • Helping bridge cash flow gaps that may appear due to reimbursement issues
  • Taking on additional staff
  • Moving to a busier location
  • Buying partners out of your practice
  • Taking care of emergencies that may appear

The medical industry depends heavily on patient care. With a medical business loan, you will have the ability to take on additional staff, invest in high-end medical technology, and ensure your patients receive the treatment they need. Assess your practice’s current requirements and determine where additional working capital may be able to help you improve your business. And don’t wait for an emergency or opportunity to arise, apply for a medical business loan today!

What’s the Process?

We understand obtaining finance can be difficult no matter what industry you work in. We’re committed to helping medical professionals get the working capital they need to help their wider communities. For this reason, we’ve made accessing capital as simple as possible. Unlike traditional lenders who require established credit histories and lengthy financial documents, we assess your eligibility through easily accessible revenue data. In addition, our application process is streamlined through our online portal that ensures the entire process is automated. We can give you an application decision in a fraction of the time of traditional banks or creditors. We offer clients up to $150,000 in finance for medical business loans. Avoid costly and lengthy delays by applying through our online portal today!

Medical Loan