Retail Loan

Retail is a complex industry. We understand that you may have short term cash flow problems due to a range of factors including seasonal demand, inventory fluctuations, and staff turnover. Many retailers want to have the capacity to cater to a large client, or take advantage of discounts on bulk inventory orders. The problem is that you have to have working capital to meet the funding requirements for certain transactions. Retail loans are the perfect solution to any retail related financial needs.

Retail Funding: How We Can Help

Many retail companies don’t benefit from long payment terms, for this reason there can often be problems with cash flow in the short term. Retail loans help alleviate cash flow problems by providing you with capital when you need to take care of business related costs. In addition, they help our clients prepare for busy times of year. For example, many of our clients take on additional staff during Christmas periods to deal with the influx of seasonal customers. This comes at a great upfront cost as revenue does is not finalized until the end of the busy period. Retail loans help our clients pay for seasonal staff upfront so they can capitalize on the increase in demand. You can apply for one of our loans through our streamlined online portal that takes the headache away from applying for business related finance. Instead of extensive and complicated document requirements, we look at revenue data to determine if you are eligible for one of our loans. The application process is painless and automated, you can apply for up to $150,000 in finance today!

Why Us?

We understand the retail industry; we’ve been lending to retailers ever since we started our firm. We provide financial support that is tailor made to help you meet your retail related costs. In addition, we’ve made accessing finance as painless as possible — this way you can receive a loan quickly and without the hassle of traditional lenders. Traditional lenders can take weeks to approve your small business loan. In addition, they often require extensive documentation that you may not have access to, depending on the age of your business. We don’t – instead, we ask for details on your current revenue streams that ensure the application process is not too complicated. Your business can be young and still eligible to borrow from us, unlike with many major lenders.

How Can You Take Advantage of Your Loan?

There are endless ways that a retail loan can help you improve your business. The way that you use your funding is completely up to you, but most of our clients use their retail loans for the following purposes:

  • Investing in emerging technologies
  • Undertaking marketing or advertising campaigns
  • Hiring seasonal employees
  • Investing in excess inventory for certain times of year
  • Training staff
  • Covering costs for damages or other business related expenses

Finance is traditionally used in business in order to promote internal growth. Access to capital in advance helps business owner take advantage of opportunities strategically — it has been at the forefront of economic growth since the industrial revolution. So, what are you waiting for? Apply through our online portal today!

Retail Loan