Veterans Loan

At present, over 20 million veterans of the United States Military live in the United States. They have begun to make up a significant portion of newly owned businesses within our country. The United States Government has a number of initiatives that help veterans finance homes, cars, and auto-insurance. But unfortunately, there is not as much help for former military members opening their own businesses. For this reason, we started our very own Veteran Small Business Loan. The financing option is designed exclusively for veterans who either own their own business, or are currently looking to open one. Some of the previous U.S. government initiatives, such as the Patriot Express Loan, are no longer available — this makes our unique financing especially important for modern day veterans.

As a company, we’re proud to be supporting veterans who are attempting to reacclimatize to civilian life. Any current U.S. Military Veteran is eligible to apply for a Veteran Small Business Loan. We’re working hard so this vital population within our community can receive capital fast for their business needs.

What Can Veteran Small Business Loans Be Used For?

Once you receive your Veteran Small Business Loan the capital can be used completely at your own discretion. Small business loans are intended to help businesses cover their operational costs and encourage internal growth during times of cash shortages. Many of our current Veteran Small Business Loan recipients use their financing for the following reasons:

  • Invest in additional seasonal employees
  • Purchase additional retail or office space
  • Invest in additional marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Invest in technology or equipment
  • Take advantage of investment opportunities at short notice
  • Purchase inventory for seasonal increases in demand

As you can see there are a number of ways your business can benefit from additional financing. But don’t let the possibilities end with the list we’ve provided, contemplate the different opportunities your businesses could benefit from. Assess if additional capital may be of value to you!

What’s the Process?

We’re excited to help veterans access capital to grow and sustain their current business operations. We do so in order to help spur additional growth, as well as lend a helping hand so veteran small business owners know their businesses can sustain themselves no matter the challenges they may face. For this reason, we’ve attempted to make our application process as simple and pain free as possible. Unlike traditional lenders, we don’t need long and meaningless documentation in order to process your application. Many banks require new customers to provide documentation that you may not have depending on how long your business has been operational. Instead, we look at short-term, easy-to-find revenue information when we make decisions for our Veterans Small Business Loans. Our application process is handled by our online portal, and is completely automated. This means we’re able to process your application quickly and efficiently — we can provide small businesses with loans of up to $150,000. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for a Veterans Small Business Loan today!

Veterans Loan